‘Life is a series of moments but the trick is to be in the moment.’
Richard Carlson


Educate and inspire others to understand, experience, and honor the sanctity and profound benefits of organic, plant-based, whole foods respective to personal and planetary health. Advance the economic, environmental, health, medical, social and endurance sports performance benefits derived from mindful living.


The Wholistic Edge® is a visionary firm merging the tenets of mindful living with the principles of naturopathic medicine to manifest optimum wellness. We synthesize the mind-body interface to impart a balanced and integrative lifestyle through awareness and discipline. Optimum wellness is the result.

~Adam Chase deftly makes another mountain into a molehill at the TransRockies stage race.

I am a wellness consultant with doctorates in natural medicine and plant-based sports nutrition. I am the wellness editor at Snowshoe Magazine and espouse the principles and benefits of mindful living via an earth-friendly endurance sport in the spirit of optimum wellness.

I am contributing editor, writer and blogger for publications, web sites and organizations committed to the precepts of mindful living. I consult, lecture, teach, write and blog about the impact of optimum wellness on health care, the economy, endurance sports performance, personal and planetary health.

Our commitment to lead by vivid examples of excellence is bolstered by our ultra-endurance sports marketing endeavors with a charitable component. I am a sponsored vegan ultra-endurance athlete with a penchant for running on land and water [sport snowshoeing] in extreme conditions.

We help clients manifest quantum leaps in their quest for endurance sports performance excellence, optimum wellness and personal growth. The dimensions of wellness – though seemingly disparate – are intricately linked to each other. The key is to empower clients to master the difference between effort and struggle and cultivate self-actualization.

Plant-based nutrition is the cornerstone of optimum wellness and the catalyst for health care reform. It remains the most overlooked component of the practice of medicine. Its ability to prevent and reverse chronic and degenerative diseases underscores its merit as a matter of public policy.

Plant-based nutrition represents the most powerful and results-oriented form of medical intervention available today. Regenerate your life by taking a proactive approach to your health versus the reactive stance of treating symptoms.

The economic impact of wellness is unmistakable. The far-reaching implications of optimal health will be responsible for a resurgence in personal revitalization. Taking responsibility for your health will impart a ripple effect in which others become mindful of the benefits of manifesting optimum wellness.

~Professional Organizations

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine;
  • American Association of Nutritional Consultants;
  • American Naturopathic Medical Association;
  • American Holistic Medical Association;
  • National Wellness Institute;
  • The International Coaches Federation


‘Mastery is the natural result of mindfulness.’
Ron Kurtz

‘Wholistic‘ means wholeness.

Wholistic was coined in 1982 by my coach, mentor, yogi, and ‘Scandinavian brother,’ Steve Ilg. He is the creator of Wholistic Fitness™ and sponsored multisport endurance athlete extraordinaire. Fitness and endurance sports performance training become a meaningful cross-training path to personal growth through his patented system.

His transpersonal approach imparts ‘Spiritual Awakening through Discipline.’ The line dividing one’s physical training and spiritual growth soon becomes invisible. Transformation is achieved through fitness. Ilg pioneered both ‘Spiritual Fitness’ and teaching its benefits via online applications.

I remain enamored with Ilg’s genius [must be a Scandinavian thing]. I would be remiss if I did not express my eternal gratitude and respect for his unique transformational work. The concept of wholeness seamlessly merged with my ideals and represents the foundation of my comprehensive and integrative approach to the dimensions of wellness.

~Coach Steve Ilg masterfully demonstrates the difference between effort and struggle.

Spine straight;
Breath low;
Sacred Sweat;
Head bowed in reverence and honor….

In Breath and Posture.


Please visit Ilg’s site via our ‘Links’ page or  http://wholisticfitness.com




The logo represents ‘Mindfulness.’

Mindfulness is ‘being’ each moment of our lives. It is being present in the moment.
It is merging with each moment to accurately perceive what is truly happening.
It represents the state or quality of being mindful.
It is the difference between effort and struggle.
It represents awareness.

I humbly offer my gratitude to the gracious creator of that which represents the premise of my life’s work.

Rev. Nonin Chowaney, OPW, an American Zen Master, is a Buddhist priest trained in the Soto tradition of Zen Master Dogen. Nonin was ordained by Rev. Dainin Katagiri in Minnesota in 1984 and has studied at Tassajara Zen Monastery in California and in Japan at Zuio-ji and Shogo-ji Monasteries. He received formal Dharma Transmission from Rev. Katagiri and has been certified to teach by him and by the Soto Zen Church in Japan.

Nonin is Abbot of Nebraska Zen Center/Heartland Temple and the Head of the Order of the Prairie Wind.  He is a regular speaker at many schools, colleges, and universities, and leads workshops and retreats throughout the United States. Nonin also chairs the Membership Committee of the American Zen Teachers Association and serves on the Priest Training Committee of the Soto Zen Teachers Association.

Nonin is also an accomplished brush calligrapher. He learned the art while training in Japan and has been practicing it for many years. His work hangs in homes and Zen Temples throughout the world.

Zen Calligraphy by Nonin ChowaneyZen