“Mastery is the natural result of mindfulness.”
Ron Kurtz

“Wholistic” means wholeness.

Wholistic was coined in 1982 by my coach, mentor, yogi, and “Scandinavian brother,” Steve Ilg. He is the creator of Wholistic Fitness™ and sponsored multisport endurance athlete extraordinaire. Fitness and endurance sport performance training become a meaningful cross-training path to personal growth through his patented system.

His transpersonal approach imparts “Spiritual Awakening through Discipline.” The line dividing one’s physical training and spiritual growth soon becomes invisible. Transformation is achieved through fitness. Ilg pioneered both ‘Spiritual Fitness’ and teaching its benefits via online applications.

I remain enamored with Ilg’s genius [must be a Scandinavian thing]. I would be remiss if I did not express my eternal gratitude and respect for his unique transformational work. The concept of wholeness seamlessly merged with my ideals and represents the foundation of my comprehensive and integrative approach to health, performance, and potential via Performance Medicine™ principles.

~Coach Steve Ilg masterfully demonstrates the difference between effort and struggle.

Spine straight;
Breath low;
Sacred Sweat;
In Strength and Spirit;
Head bowed in reverence and honor….

In Breath and Posture.


Please visit Coach Ilg’s site via our ‘Links’ page or Wholistic Fitness.™