A Rocky Mountain Tribute…

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”
~Henry David Thoreau

co_playgroundMonday offered the classic example of The Law of Polarity.

It was an uncharacteristic dreary day in Boulder, Colorado; yet, the sun was shining – per usual.

It was dreary in the sense of a heavy heart. My dear friend’s mother died on Mother’s Day, ironically, after an extensive confrontation with cancer. Mother Nature, however, provided several inches of snow to the pensive glee of my Scandinavian heart.

Medicine ~ Performance Style

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”
Edward Abbey

Yoga5.jpgThe current medical paradigm is not designed for anyone interested in attaining optimal health.

It even fails miserably as a system to treat symptoms.

How could it possibly be a prudent model for endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone committed to improving his/her well-being?

In order for a runner to become more efficient at mountain trail ascents; one must adapt his/her training cycle to accomplish said outcome. If you do not give a shit about your health; do not expect anyone else to care.

Optimal health – like improved sport performance – is our responsibility.

Biomechanical Fluidity

“Even if you fall flat on your face at least you are moving forward.”
Sue Luke
beach chick

Running is the noblest fitness discipline.

Running has many benefits whether you hit the pavement, trails, shred golf course greens [not recommended], or perform interval sessions with snowshoes in the blistering desert heat [highly recommended].


Dysfunctional Wellness

“Every man’s disease is his personal property.”
~Alonzo Clark

The current medical paradigm is ineffective.

Treating symptoms of preventable chronic and degenerative diseases is a losing proposition.

It is a profitable model for pharmaceutical companies, medical schools, linear-thinking VitaminPills2.jpgpractitioners, and the like…in exchange for your health.

Money talks no matter the price.

Optimal health is our responsibility. Wellness is a choice. The key is determining how much you value your health.