The Price of Convenience ~ Part Three

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Foods in their natural, nutrient-dense form will be digested and assimilated with considerably less energy than its processed or refined counterparts. Pil Popper

Primary-source foods require fewer resources to produce and come with substantially less environmental cost.

Digestion and assimilation of meat, dairy, refined and processed foods require an exceptional energy draw on your body and the planet.

The alkalinity of primary-source foods greatly reduces the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases versus the acidic toll of animal and processed foods.

This reduced risk translates into enormous savings at the individual, societal and environmental levels.

Nutrient Density

Change is process, not an event.”
James Prochaska

Optimal performance for trail runners and snowshoers requires a balanced diet in which foods with a negative effect must be eliminated.

The highly refined foods that comprise a large percentage of most diets do not contain the nutritional components worthy of our  consumption. Calories absent sustenance [micronutrients] means nutritional stress.iOrganic Fruits and Veggies

A balanced diet is one comprised of fresh, whole, raw, ripe, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds – with fruits predominating.

When a balanced diet replaces the usual westernized diet that is grossly out of balance by placing cooked proteins and starches on center stage, it will represent a monumental step toward true lifelong health and endurance sports performance.Continue

Deceptive Energy

“The body never lies.”
~Martha Graham

Endurance athletes seem willing to do whatever is necessary to get the competitive edge.

It is unfortunate that refined sugar or caffeine is often used to create short-term energy.

Exercise is a form of stress. Your body releases cortisol when it is confronted with stress. The upside is increased alertness, reaction times, strength, and the ability to quickly process information.

The downside is fatigue from the inevitable crash. The downside outweighs the upside when this vicious cycle is prolonged.

A stimulant is a substance that causes tension on the muscle fiber throughout the nervous tissue. The body releases cortisol to soothe the stress.

Energy is derived from stimulation or nourishment. Stimulation offers short-term energy and treats the symptom of fatigue. A second wave of fatigue is the cost incurred with adrenal stimulation.  This phenomenon is often (and mistakenly) treated with additional stimulation.


Sports Drinks and Gels

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.”
William James

Sweat consists of water and electrolytes.

DKAll bodily functions depend on sufficient water. Replenishing water without replenishing electrolytes will create an imbalance. The severity of the imbalance could lead to hyponatremia (water intoxication). Your body depends on water for sports performance and survival.

Electrolytes play a crucial role in virtually every cellular function in your body. Electrolytes are essential for muscle contractions, heart beats, fluid regulation, and nerve function. Electrolytes overload means dehydration. Electrolyte deficiency causes a meltdown. Homeostasis is imperative.

Both water and electrolytes must be replenished to achieve balance respective to hydration, blood pH, proper nerve function and coordination.

Enter sports drinks.