“Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.”

Nobody requires precision nutrition like endurance athletes. The highest levels of awareness and discipline
must be implemented to excel during each crucible.

Principles of Sport Nutrition:

  • Nutrient density;
  • Nutrient timing;
  • Speed of recovery

The foremost nutrition limiter to endurance sport performance is depleted glycogen stores. The catalyst to
peak performance is Metabolic Efficiency™.

Micronutrient density combined with macronutrient partitioning and training adaptations will teach your body
to utilize its most abundant and efficient fuel source to mitigate biomarkers and maximize sport performance. Fat adaptation is the key.

Metabolic Efficiency™ is the body’s ability to utilize endogenous fat and carbohydrate stores at varying intensity and duration levels of exertion and rest. It is a nutrition and exercise intervention.

Metabolic Efficiency™ merges the art and science of physical and nutrition periodization cycles. It mindfully aligns dietary requirements with exertion intensity, specificity, and volume to transcend your health, performance, and potential from the inside out.

This changes everything.


  • Periodization;
  • Nutrition Periodization;
  • Metabolic Efficiency™ Testing;
  • Biomechanics | Bioenergetics;
  • Chronic | Degenerative Disease Prevention

Understanding the symbiotic relationship among the concepts of periodization, nutrition periodization, and Metabolic Efficiency™ will harvest sooner than later heightened levels of exertion, unparalleled performance, and swift recovery.

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