“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, or a wish, but a keen
pulsating desire which transcends everything.”

~Napoleon Hill

Nutritional stress is pervasive ~ even among endurance athletes. Nutritional stress accounts for at least 70% of the uncomplementary stress in our lives. Nutritional stress is the root of chronic and degenerative diseases.

It is clear anyone who eats will benefit from mindful, ethical nutritive decisions. The nutrient-dense, high
net-gain, alkaline-forming properties of organic, primary source, whole foods represent the most comprehensive path to optimal health. Micronutrient density represents the true value of food.

You could fuel your body with addictive, toxic foods that promote nutritional stress, accelerate chronic and degenerative diseases and hasten ecological destruction ~ and take your chances.

Keep it simple ~ pay now for healthy food or pay later to treat symptoms of chronic and degenerative diseases from poor dietary decisions. An intuitive approach incurs far-reaching benefits.

There are no right or wrong options ~ only consequences.
Nothing matters…but everything counts.

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