“The best way out is always through.”
~Robert Frost

The rock group Eagles created a hit singing “Already Gone,” but it was this lyric providing a cardinal for life and health:

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains,
And we never even know we have the key

I discovered my health key has a name and that is Jeff Kildahl or as I’ve come to call him, “Dr. Kildare.”

Through his direct but simple counsel, I grasped the concept of a plant-based diet, a gigantic 180° turn in my life. The result is I dropped the chains of excess weight holding me down from my endurance goals, checking off a major excuse, yet winning a trophy of life: better and fitter health.

It was like he opened the doors to the casino of health for me and led me by the sucker bets of beef and cheap thrills of sugar roulette to find the tables with the real payoffs, those covered with greens of a different nature than felt-covered dollar bills; names like kale, collard, turnip, and beet whose worth to health are beyond value.

My experience in life is when one finds a caring resource like Jeff, utilize him like a midnight aid-station in a 100-mile endurance trek: take all you can and absorb it as quickly as possible so you can make it to the next, knowing you will because your body has changed, and the balances are tilted now in your favor. Clank; you’ve shed those chains.

His advocacy of endurance sports, health and achievement for you and me, linked with the utter simplicity that we can utilize to achieve it, makes Jeff something like one of those 14’s, ultra-high mountains fit athletes ascend with regularity. Contemplating that rarefied air whether in his writings, phone or in person, listening to him, training with him, enjoying his intellect, though he is too modest even embarrassed to think of himself in that way, one is moving at light-speed toward rejuvenation and strength of self, severing binding ties.

One has morphed into a new person with more internal fortitude than ever to handle life’s daily challenges or even that self-challenge of making the trailhead when temps are in deep-minus territory, snow is blistering, yet a smile breaks out on your lips, while the unenlightened sit in front of a television slowly wasting away one chip at a time.

Like Dr. Kildare of television fame who famously ignored the edict “Our job is to keep people alive, not to tell them how to live,” Dr Jeff Kildahl can guide you to a better, healthy and fulfilled life; just ask him about the key.

Phillip Gary Smith

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Senior Editor, Snowshoe Magazine

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Wellness is about possibilities, not pathology.

Optimal health is a by-product of superior nutritive decisions. Nutrition represents the cornerstone of
Dr. Kildahl’s wellness foundation. His transformative approach emphasizes accountability through
awareness and discipline with respect to what, how, and when food is consumed.

An alliance with Dr. Kildahl will take your life to a new level of authenticity. His direct, simple and
effective counsel will help you build your strengths, confront your fears, and discover from within the
answers to cultivate self-actualization.

Dr. Kildahl’s tailored guidance will help you blaze a path from the trailhead of confusion to the summit
of your desired health and sports performance outcomes. As an educator he effortlessly pieces together
the fragmented analytical mayhem of health, endurance sports performance, and wellness.

He teaches with elegant simplicity the components and principles to achieve vibrant health and
transcend endurance sports performance. Dr. Kildahl provides the keys to nutritional clarity and helps
you become the architect of your mansion of wellness in which to live a healthy and rewarding life.

His alleged contrarian position now epitomizes the powerful plant-based movement and its global
impact on healthcare, policy development, personal and planetary health. Dr. Kildahl’s boundless
energy and visionary mindset is eclipsed only by his passion to help transform lives.

Dr. Kildahl skillfully challenges, educates, informs, inspires and entertains through his poetic prose,
results-oriented consultations and riveting presentations that leave you thinking from the inside out. He
leads by example via ultra-endurance endeavors with a charitable component.

Sound wellness choices are simple in theory and in practice. Your heightened level of wellness will
only be realized by weaving Dr. Kildahl’s recommendations into the fabric of your daily life.

Expand your possibilities….
~Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT

The Plant-Based Dietitian
Author | The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition
Co-Author | The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking
Co-Producer | To Your Health
Executive Director | EarthSave, International
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“I have known Jeff for many years. First as a student, and later as an ongoing national patriot in one of my lifelong missions to bring the art of snowshoe racing to the general fitness public’s heart.

I know his spirit more than his person. It is of a near-Deity proportion; blazingly efficient, responsive, and on the pioneering fringe of creativity.

I envy any person, group or business that utilizes his talent. You don’t “hire” someone like Jeff, you are Blessed by his radiant, honest, and remarkably steadfast proficiency of contribution.”

– coach steve ilg founder/Wholistic Fitness®, 1981 out of Boulder, Colorado


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“Jeff Kildahl is the definition of resilience. No matter what is placed in front of his light-speed pursuit for life’s thrills and spills, he conforms to the conditions–never allowing it to alter his true North. He does this not to move beyond the challenges and avoid a possible bruising, but to learn about the “why” behind everything.

His passion for the outdoors, his thirst for knowledge, his endeavors for professionalism, his struggle to capitalize on only the best opportunities, and his drive for assisting people in need, are all examples of how Jeff is nothing close to ordinary. Jeff is extraordinary.

And this is a discovery that can be made when receiving his hardy handshake and his non-judgmental approval of every person that passes in front of his view. But it’s more than a view; it’s a vision of hope, discovery, and determination.”

~Ryan Alford

Interprose | Marketing Director | Strategic Communications

Snowshoe Magazine | Founder