“Every man’s disease is his personal property.”
Alonzo Clark

Analyzing the physiological markers in your blood is an effective inside-out method to measure the impact of your lifestyle decisions. The metrics will pinpoint and propel your strategy to maximize wellness and performance in life and sport.

We have partnered with WellnessFX to track your health data with an intuitive, free WellnessFX Lab Records account.
WellnessFX is the leader in direct-to-consumer lab testing and provides a series of testing packages to measure, monitor, and enhance your wellness and performance potential.

Click the below icon to explore the packages available to improve your health and performance whether you utilize a lab near you or the personalized approach offered by a home kit. Schedule a FREE consult via our contact form or 401.207.4215.

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A portion of our fees will be donated to the 100 FOR 100 Movement to rescue 100 shelter animals from euthanasia, cover vaccinations, medical care, screening, education, and related adoption expenditures.

Detailed analysis and interpretation of your lab results is available via consult. A thorough review of your lifestyle habits and family history will ensure a customized [w]holistic, preventive plan to optimal wellness and performance.

Please use our contact form or 401.207.4215 to discuss rates and schedule a consult.

Wellness is a choice.