“Think with the whole body.”
Taisen Deshimaru

Performance Medicine™ is an innovative medical specialty integrating the essence of preventive health care, sport performance, and
self-actualization via the following precepts:

  • Endurance Capacity;
  • Body Composition;
  • Disease Prevention;
  • Metabolic Efficiency™

Metabolic Efficiency™ is a key component of Performance Medicine™ designed to catalyze unparalleled health and sport performance because of your health — not in spite of it. It is a revolutionary, inside-out approach to disease prevention and sport performance, poised to shift current medical and sport performance paradigms.

Metabolic Efficiency™ is the body’s ability to utilize endogenous carbohydrate and fat stores at varying levels of intensity and duration to maximize endurance sport performance and mitigate biomarkers. It is a nutrition [75%] and exercise [25%] intervention.
Fat adaptation is the key.

Metabolic Efficiency™ testing is unique from other physiological testing protocols because it is a submaximal test utilizing indirect calorimetry to accurately measure carbon dioxide expenditure and oxygen consumption during rest and exertion.

Health must precede.performance in life and sport.
Performance is a choice.

Each Metabolic Efficiency™ assessment also includes the following measurements:

  • Resting substrate use measurement;
  • Resting blood glucose;
  • Blood pressure;
  • Body weight;
  • Oxygen saturation

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