Melissa Schurger ~ Synergy

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Lifestyles are determined by habit.
One of the most insidious aspects of habit is its ability to dull awareness; consequently, discipline.

Synergy is the effect of two or more units working together to produce a result not obtainable by each unit independently.
Optimum wellness is a by-product of mindful living.

Mindfulness manifests synergy which cultivates self-actualization.

Nutrition has a profound impact on your wellness and performance. Food is fuel. Each bite determines your well-being. Your gastrointestinal [GI] tract represents your inside link to the outside world. You choose whether or not food fuels your true potential or your demise.

A nutrient-deficient diet destroys your body beginning at mastication and blindsides your wellness and performance before you leave the house – whether embarking career aspirations or a training session.

It is a slow, insidious, and debilitating inside-out process always implementing a higher gear of degeneration when you make less than optimal decisions on your path to self-actualization.

It is no secret the prevalence of GI disorders is attributed in most cases to what one chooses to eat. Eight of ten people have digestive issues. Digestive issues create lucrative opportunities for pharmaceutical, medical, supplement and food industries – and it keeps physicians in business.

Physicians mainly treat symptoms by prescribing medications. Medical school cirriculum focuses on correcting nutritional deficiencies versus nutrition fundamentals. This frontline method of defense is isolated, microscopic and reductionist health care. The key is identifying symptomatic causation.

A [w]holistic approach to wellness is as vital as consuming whole foods versus isolated nutrients. Wellness is about balance and harmony not a rigid, short-term medication policy to suppress symptoms.

“Your genes may load the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”
Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT

Decades of research pinpointed genetics as the primary source for which diseases you are likely to contract during your lifetime. It is now understood your body has only one disease process but multiple expressions of that disease – depending on your genetic background.

The reality is your lifestyle – especially nutrition and exercise – establishes whether or not those genes are expressed or remain dormant. The connection among diet, exercise and disease has been clearly established despite your genetic predisposition.

A plant-based, whole foods diet combined with regular exercise represents the most powerful and metabolically-efficient way to prevent and reverse chronic and degenerative diseases. Several studies prove this lifestyle the most advantageous route to attain and sustain optimal health and endurance sport performance.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary

Optimum wellness is a conscious, self-directed, multidimensional and [w]holistic process of self-actualization. The focus of wellness is its integrative approach to the whole person. We must remain mindful of the consequences of our lifestyle choices.

Mindful living delineates effort from struggle throughout the daily grind.
The key is to master the difference between effort and struggle and cultivate self-actualization.

Optimal wellness begins with a positive attitude. Evidence suggests a correlation among one’s thoughts and emotions with one’s level of health and quality of life. The difficult terrain from the trailhead to your summit of optimal wellness will likely provide innumerable and invaluable lessons.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow introduced the concept of self-actualization and nurtured it to one of the quintessential theories of human behavior. A key element of human potential is the whole person approach to human behavior.

Maslow touted the concept as intrinsic growth of what exists in the organism, or more accurately, the organism itself. Self-actualization is growth-motivated versus deficiency-motivated. Self-actualization represents the realization of one’s potential and of one’s “true self.”

The mind-body interface became the equation in which humans manifested improved quality of life through lifestyle changes. Each of us has the inner nature to cultivate our true potential; yet, this essential core to our lives is often overcome and suppressed by habit.

“The best way out is always through.”
Robert Frost

Your attitude represents the foundation for optimal wellness and performance. It must be rigorously conditioned like you train your body in order to excel. The key is to utilize the lessons from difficulty, failure, hardship, inconvenience, and the rest of it as stepping stones to your potential.

Shit will happen. How we deal with it will determine effort from struggle on our path to self-actualization. Adversity happens for us…not to us. Our past does not define us…it merely prepares us.

Your heightened levels of wellness and performance will only be realized when you mindfully merge awareness and discipline into the fabric of your daily life. Transcend your wellness, performance, and potential with synergistic solutions.

Wellness is about possibilities not pathology.
Expand your possibilities.

May your Sadhana thrive.


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