“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures.”

Nonfeasance –> Failure to perform an act that is required by law.
This post is not about tort law or legal liability.

It is about your duty to live an authentic life and serve others via Universal Law.
It is about the veritable chess match between your ego and your spirit.

Wellness encompasses many dimensions of our well-being. It is about possibilities not pathology. To become whole we must thank the inconveniences, difficulties, and joys on our journey and remember that growth has no end point.

The option to embrace or shirk accountability is constant.

The ego seeks but never finds fulfillment. Daily integration of this short-term cat-and-mouse charade is a losing proposition. Self-actualization in both life and sport necessitates a change of heart.

The drive to realize your Noble Truth is inherent in each of us. The caveat is you must have the resolve to fetch it. Many people never realize their purpose in life because of fear-based illusions and excuses.

Channeling your energy into your enterprising dreams requires determination. The spiritual nature of your drive must balance your ambition. This is an ideal time to reflect upon whether your desired outcomes are grounded in materialistic satisfaction versus serving others.

If your goals are not grounded in your spirit reassess your priorities so your inspiration for success is aligned with the true calling of your spirit. This approach typically paves the way for a deeper and richer level of achievement.

Integrating the truest desires of your spirit to propel you forward today will provide a greater feeling of fulfillment once you reach your goals.

“Even if you win the rat race…you are still a rat.”
Coach Steve Ilg

You are doing yourself and others a disservice by not being bold enough to live your purpose.

Opportunities for growth are boundless. Opportunities are often disguised as hardship or misfortune. We must remain steadfast to the maxim that adversity happens for us not to us. Breakthroughs occur when we can visualize and create something from nothing. Risk is the catalyst.

We need to identify why we stop ourselves from seizing opportunities – even in the Valley of Darkness.
Enter fears and excuses.

One of the weaknesses of fear-based living is we are remarkably adept at dodging it via denial and minimization.
Self-actualization is an inside-out, whole, mind, body, spirit process.

Only when you are able to identify the excuses you use to stunt your growth will you be able to blow past your fears.
You must determine if the effort requisite to achieve your Greatness is worth it.

“You will see it when you believe it.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

A purposeful life means taking action.

Too many people chase the wind…hoping, seeking, wishing for the life of their dreams to magically appear.
Stop praying for bags of money to fall in your lap.

It is time for you to commit to living an authentic, purpose-driven life. Awareness and discipline are tenets of mindful living. Mindfulness manifests synergy which cultivates self-actualization. It is your decision whether to live it.

You perceive what you believe. Wellness is about lifestyle changes. It is not a burdensome task fraught with drudgery in a dark tunnel. When you understand how lifestyle changes impact your wellness and performance your self-efficacy will soar to its zenith.

Optimal wellness and performance in life and sport mandate an integrative approach to the whole person. Your ascent from the trailhead to your summit requires mastery of the difference between effort and struggle. Mindfulness is the key.

You have a duty to live life to the fullest and leave a legacy to improve the quality of life for others.
Give yourself permission today to move boldly and swiftly forward.
Envision. Believe. Create. Manifest. Serve.

May your Sadhana thrive!


Jeff Kildahl

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Jeff Kildahl is a writer, author, wellness consultant and philanthropist advancing preventive health care by synthesizing primary source nutrition and fitness as the principal components of the practice of medicine.

Kildahl is a sponsored vegan ultra-endurance athlete credentialed in bioenergetics, biomechanics, metabolic efficiency™ testing, sport nutrition, and natural medicine. He is a dynamic member of CUBE™ ~ a professional speakers group ~ empowering others to harmonize the "Keys to Living in the Song of Life."

He is the wellness editor at Snowshoe Magazine, United States Snowshoe Association columnist, and contributor to health, fitness and wellness sites, blogs and publications. He is a US-based ultra-endurance athlete and philanthropist for the 100 FOR 100 Movement ~ https://100for100.me.

Kildahl is the creator and president of The Wholistic Edge® ~ a visionary firm providing synergistic solutions to transcend health, performance, and potential in life and sport from the inside out via the principles of Performance Medicine™ ~ http://thewholisticedge.com.


  1. You offered some of the best advice I’ve been privileged to read:
    “Envision. Believe. Create. Manifest. Serve.”

    1. Sir Phillip~

      Head humbly bowed with reverence for your kind words. You are a prolific scribe and I am honored to be your colleague and friend. Time to create…. Namaste!

  2. Thank you Dr. Kildahl!!
    Very direct and to the point….
    I will practice mindfulness with purpose…

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