“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Food is fuel.

Your nutritive decisions have a profound impact on your health, fitness, performance, and potential in life and sport.
Your fuel choices will propel unparalleled results or sabotage your desired outcomes.

Fuel options for your body are ubiquitous. Optimal health is the foremost stepping stone on the path to Metabolic Efficiency™. The key is to transcend your health, performance, and potential in life and sport because of your diet – not in spite of it.

Micronutrient density combined with macronutrient partitioning and behavior modification will teach your body to utilize its most abundant and efficient fuel source. Fat adaptation is the key to mitigating biomarkers of metabolic syndrome [MetS] and maximizing endurance sport performance.

Nutritive choices and whether your dietary cycle is instinctive, habitual, or emotional significantly elevates or decrements
chronic and degenerative disease risk factors. MetS has an alarming correlation with age – including fit endurance athletes.

The Metabolic Efficiency™ lifestyle has been embraced by the following:

  • Professional Athletes;
  • Recreational Athletes;
  • Olympic Athletes;
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches;
  • Nutritionists;
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Physical Therapists;
  • Exercise Physiologists;
  • Holistic Practitioners;
  • Personal Trainers

Our wellness and nutrition consults, diagnostic and performance assessments, integrate revolutionary technology with expertise from board-certified specialists in health, nutrition, sport dietetics, and natural medicine. Expect an extraordinary experience, priceless results, and infinite possibilities.

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NC 1

NC 1 is a 60-minute laser consultation designed for nutritional refinement. NC 1 is ideal for clients who need a nutrition path establish or short-term guidance to remain centered. Consults are performed via ‘phone, Skype, G Suite, or in-person.

NC 1 includes:

  • Stages of Readiness Assessment;
  • Wellness Worksheets;
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Action Plan;
  • Progression Session

Investment –> $297

NC 2

NC 2 represents a gradual and consistent approach from the trailhead of confusion to the summit of optimal health,
performance, and self-actualization.

Our comprehensive program is designed to last three months or until your desired outcomes have been realized – whatever happens first. Our partnership will effect a conscious, self-directed, and inspired process to help you achieve lasting lifestyle changes.

A portion of our NC 2 fees will be donated to the 100 FOR 100 Movement to rescue 100 animals from euthanasia, cover vaccinations, medical care, screening, education, and related adoption expenditures.

Consults are performed via ‘phone, Skype, G Suite, or in-person.

NC 2 includes:

  • Stages of Readiness Assessment;
  • Wellness Worksheets | Assessment;
  • Diagnostic Assessment;
  • Performance Assessment;
  • Nutrition Assessment;
  • Action Plan;
  • Weekly 30-Minute Consults;
  • Unlimited E-Mail Correspondence;
  • Progression Session

Investment –> $4,997