“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”
~Henry David Thoreau

co_playgroundMonday offered the classic example of The Law of Polarity.

It was an uncharacteristic dreary day in Boulder, Colorado; yet, the sun was shining – per usual.

It was dreary in the sense of a heavy heart. My dear friend’s mother died on Mother’s Day, ironically, after an extensive confrontation with cancer. Mother Nature, however, provided several inches of snow to the pensive glee of my Scandinavian heart.

The dichotomous feelings swirling in my skull and heart were gut-wrenching…so I listened to my gut – which has never failed me.

My dear friend publishes a fitness magazine in a major sports market. Her sweat equity and boundless energy transformed a tri-state region into a legitimate player on the field of health, fitness, sport performance, and wellness.

I had to make the decision to be a sap in a pity party or honor my respect by partaking in my beloved snowshoeing opportunity. I chose the latter in the spirit of fitness.
bldr flatirons trail
The beauty of the Colorado high country is its unpredictable moods. Though we may never understand – we must respect what it offers.

The lessons are invaluable. The mountain trails and pristine snow highlight our insignificance by igniting our purpose.

Spring snow is heavy and wet. It fueled my rage and after several miles churned numbness. The emptiness is far different than the euphoria fresh powder offers throughout our precious winters.

The dank air and pre-dawn deafening silence eerily reeked suffocation. Profuse sweating and heat from the pulsating blood in my veins provided the glimmer of life I needed to further test my mettle.

It became clear that self was merging with terrain.

“Sport came into my life and finished my education where real
things were missing.”

~William James

Coach Steve Ilg - Sport Snowshoeing - Durango, CO

The Law of Polarity states everything has its opposite. It is a Universal Law closely held and applicable in one’s physical and mental realms. Classic dualism. It represents egocentric thought at its finest.

This experience was transpersonal. The interconnectedness of seemingly disparate elements defined wholeness at an inexpressible level. These precious feelings cannot be categorized in our fast-paced lives of instant gratification.

The ominous sensation of one’s last breath amplified my helpless wonderment whether each flake pelting my forehead was the last of the season.

yin and yang Coach Steve Ilg ingrained decades ago in every fiber of my being the beauty of fitness is that it teaches us awareness of what is versus what we think ought to be in life.

The lesson I again learned this frigid day did not emanate from the mountain trails. When we understand adversity happens for us – not to us – we are able to utilize those challenges for our growth.

My friend’s mother had a zest for life beyond definition. She instilled in her daughter the finest qualities a human could possess. She epitomized thriving in life versus mere existence…a priceless commodity in our lives of convenience.

My level of respect for my friend parallels my utmost reverence for the mountains. Her elegant courage seamlessly creates obstacles into opportunities, problems into solutions, and gracefully improves the lives of others in the process – just like her mother.

I know in my still heavy heart my friend will perpetuate the spirit of her mother by blessing others with her effervescence and ineffable radiance.

May her Sadhana thrive….

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