“The only Truth in life is change.”

Endurance athletes require precision nutrition.

The foremost nutrition limiter to endurance sport performance is depleted glycogen stores. Reliance by many athletes on carbohydrate as their primary fuel source remains pervasive and indefensible because it sabotages one’s potential.

The key to peak performance is metabolic efficiency™. This concept manifests sport performance excellence because of your diet not in spite of it. A by-product of metabolic efficiency™ is its innumerable benefits respective to health markers.

Metabolic efficiency™ is the body’s ability to utilize its endogenous stores of carbohydrate and fat at
varying intensities and duration of exercise and rest.

The Issue

The body shifts its primary fuel source from fat to carbohydrate as intensity levels increase. This shift is an ineffective route to optimal health and sport performance. Most commercial sports drinks are composed of simple sugars [sucrose or fructose] or maltodextrin creating both quick energy and an unhealthy cycle of blood sugar spikes and crashes.

The desired outcome is to preserve glycogen until it is needed at maximum intensity. Insulin sensitivity is paramount to this process and it is attainable only via metabolic efficiency™. Fat adaptation is the key.

The Solution

The backlash from making artificial colors and flavors, refined sugar, and other [acidic] processed ingredients palatable is poor health and performance due to nutritional stress. Insulin-stimulating carbohydrate represents an insidious path to the podium of self-destruction.

SuperStarch by Generation UCAN® provides sustained natural energy levels absent spikes and crashes. SuperStarch is a revolutionary proprietary fuel source gaining popularity because of its unique molecular weight, low osmolality, and slow absorption characteristics.

The Benefits

Generation UCAN® promotes insulin sensitivity via several scientifically validated benefits:

~Improved nutrient partitioning;
~Optimized performance;
~Maximized glucagon secretion;
~Sustained energy;
~Enhanced lipolysis and fat oxidation;
~Improved body composition;
~Reduced cravings;
~Swift recovery;
~No GI distress…

Less is More

Bob Seebohar MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, METS L2

Creator –> Metabolic Efficiency™ Concept | Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics
Exercise Physiologist | USA Triathlon Level III Coach | USA Triathlon Youth and Junior Coach
eNRG Performance.com

Generation UCAN® with SuperStarch offers sustained energy to fuel exertion at any intensity level. Its unique metabolic characteristics and applications will transcend your health and endurance sport performance.