“How you do one thing is how you do anything.”
~Zen saying

You are what you eat.
Are you killing yourself to live?

To thrive on the wellness continuum requires authenticity. Consuming foods which you are biologically adapted to eat is paramount to vibrant health and effervescent living.

Our connectedness or isolation is a major determinant of overall health and whether or not adopting new lifestyle behaviors will be successful. Wellness is an interpersonal issue.





The Beguiled

“Nothing in life is trivial.”
~ Brandon Lee

Lifestyles are determined by habit.
One of the most insidious aspects of habit is its ability to dull awareness.

The focus of wellness is its integrative approach to the whole person. We must remain mindful of the consequences of our lifestyle choices. Personal growth has no end point.

Risk is inherent to making long-term cognitive and behavioral changes to achieve optimum wellness – it represents the catalyst for growth. It is human nature to fear change.

Optimum wellness is about accountability.


Resolution This!

“Men should pledge themselves to nothing; for reflection makes a liar of their resolution.”

imageResolutions proclaimed with a belly full of whiskey only lead to headaches and empty promises.

It may be clear by now that resolutions are similar to diets because they do not work.

This is most often true when the resolution bombast is the diet! Resolutions are notoriously short-term.

Diets are based on weight loss versus lifestyle changes – which promotes a series of cyclical events instead of the process necessary for lasting change.

The same principle is applicable to the countless proclamations by people to commence a fitness program each January.

If you inadvertently stuck your foot in your mouth – or your head up your ass – know that humans have the capacity to change their behavior. Whether or not one does it simply highlights one’s belief system.

Vega Sport Performance System



“The Vega Sport Performance System is the first, complete, all-natural, plant-based sport performance system on the planet.

The Vega Sport Performance System was specifically developed in three comprehensive phases to help you perform at your highest level without compromise – before, during and after training, snowshoeing, trail running, triathlon or any other endurance sport.