“Freedom lies in being bold.”
Robert Frost




~ Synergy ~

Are you killing yourself to live?

To thrive on the wellness continuum requires authenticity. Mindfully consuming foods which we are
biologically adapted to eat is paramount to vibrant health and effervescent living.

Learn the riveting truth about the consequences of the typical North American diet and its profound
impact on health. performance, and potential in life and sport.

Dr. Kildahl [aka The Mad Swede] challenges and inspires audiences to mindfully embrace difficulty
and risk to manifest the keys to the mansion of unparalleled health, performance, and potential.

The principles of Performance Medicine™ advance the essence of preventive health care, endurance
sport performance, and self-actualization.

Discover the synergistic keys to master the difference between effort and struggle in life and sport. It will
transcend your mindset and encourage you to do something noble during your transformation.

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options unique to your audience.






CUBE™ ~ A Professional Speakers Group

CUBE™ creates a path to reconciling two seemingly contrasting challenges in life:

  • Relentless, unyielding courage and tenacity in the face of adversity; and
  • Pursuit of a broad range of challenges in the quest for a good, happy and melodious life.

The first challenge is easier to state, but much harder to live; the second challenge is
harder to define, but intrinsically less demanding physically and spiritually, to live.

CUBE™ uses the “Keys to Living in the Song of Life” to lead others to experience balance
and harmony in their lives.

CUBE™ is the genius of Phillip Gary Smith, author, Harmonizing: Keys to Living in the Song of Life,
Ultra Superior,
and The 300-Mile Man. Please visit iharmonizing.com.

Please contact Phillip Gary Smith to learn how a CUBE™ presentation can benefit your corporation,
business, organization, clients and provide a healthy return on your investment.