“Most men lead quiet lives of desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
~Henry David Thoreau

To thrive on the wellness continuum requires authenticity. Consuming foods which you are biologically adapted to eat is paramount to vibrant health and effervescent living.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of all dimensions of wellness. Primary source nutrition has the profound and vastly underestimated ability to maintain health, prevent and reverse chronic and degenerative diseases, and enhance endurance sports performance. Catra Corbett

Mindful nutritive habits have a profound impact on your life.

Most people fail to see the connection among nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness until they no longer have an option to make it a priority.

Lifestyle changes must be linked to one’s definition of or a quest for meaning in life. Aimlessly succumbing to the latest fads often lead to disappointment. Start thinking and viewing your life from the inside out.

Nutritional stress is pervasive ~ even among endurance athletes. Nutritional stress accounts for at least 70% of the uncomplementary stress in our lives. Nutritional stress is the root of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Nobody can afford to compromise when it comes to nutrition. You are doing a disservice to your remarkable body when you choose to fuel it with high calorie, low-nutrient foods out of convenience or any other excuse. The impact of your dietary choices on personal and planetary health is unequivocal.

The resolve to embark upon the journey of mindful living mandates a decision to take the appropriate action. Fear-based illusions only complicate your path to self-actualization.

Karnazes - Desert Running

Living a life with vision is vital on the path to optimal wellness. Lifestyle behavior and the level of commitment to health, fitness, and nutrition is linked to one’s level of self-worth ~ spurred by self-talk.

It is clear that anyone who eats will benefit from mindful, ethical nutritive decisions. The nutrient-dense, high net-gain, alkaline-forming properties of organic, plant-based, whole foods represent the most comprehensive path to optimal health.

Nutritional stress will be minimized only when micronutrient digestion, absorption and assimilation are maximized.


  • Reduced nutritional stress;
  • Reduced biological age;
  • Increased life expectancy;
  • Body fat reduction;
  • Nourishment versus stimulation;
  • Alkaline pH balanced;
  • Improved sleep quality;
  • Reduced sleep requirements;
  • Improved productivity;
  • Salt/sugar cravings eliminated;
  • Improved desire to excel;
  • Increased energy;
  • Better moods;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Reduced cholesterol;
  • Improved bone strength;
  • Less joint inflammation;
  • Hormonal support;
  • And more…

    You could fuel your body with addictive, toxic foods that promote nutritional stress, accelerate chronic and degenerative diseases and hasten ecological destruction ~ and take your chances.

    A natural and intuitive approach is to consume high-energy, nutrient-dense, whole, plant foods to support cellular regeneration, vibrant, optimal health and environmental restoration.

    Keep it simple ~ pay now for healthy food or pay later to treat the symptoms of chronic and degenerative diseases from poor dietary decisions. Give yourself permission to live a vibrant life by making lasting lifestyle changes. Gradual progression and consistency are the keys.

    Terri Schneider

    Take responsibility for your wellness. Learn to make mindful dietary choices and experience the difference between effort and struggle. There are no right or wrong options ~ only consequences.

    Start by adding more chlorophyll-rich foods to each meal and your life will begin to change. Nutrient-deficient foods will soon be phased out of your dietary regimen. Add walking and/or an exercise regimen once your physician gives you the green light in the spirit of health.

    Change your life…one bite at a time.

    Wellness is a choice.

    May your Sadhana be strong.


    Jeff Kildahl

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    Jeff Kildahl is a writer, author, wellness consultant and philanthropist advancing preventive health care by synthesizing primary source nutrition and fitness as the principal components of the practice of medicine.

    Kildahl is a sponsored vegan ultra-endurance athlete credentialed in bioenergetics, biomechanics, metabolic efficiency™ testing, sport nutrition, and natural medicine. He is a dynamic member of CUBE™ ~ a professional speakers group ~ empowering others to harmonize the "Keys to Living in the Song of Life."

    He is the wellness editor at Snowshoe Magazine, United States Snowshoe Association columnist, and contributor to health, fitness and wellness sites, blogs and publications. He is a US-based ultra-endurance athlete and philanthropist for the 100 FOR 100 Movement ~ https://100for100.me.

    Kildahl is the creator and president of The Wholistic Edge® ~ a visionary firm providing synergistic solutions to transcend health, performance, and potential in life and sport from the inside out via the principles of Performance Medicine™ ~ http://thewholisticedge.com.