“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”
Edward Abbey

Yoga5.jpgThe current medical paradigm is not designed for anyone interested in attaining optimal health.

It even fails miserably as a system to treat symptoms.

How could it possibly be a prudent model for endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone committed to improving his/her well-being?

In order for a runner to become more efficient at mountain trail ascents; one must adapt his/her training cycle to accomplish said outcome. If you do not give a shit about your health; do not expect anyone else to care.

Optimal health – like improved sport performance – is our responsibility.

Performance Medicine™ is a sub-specialty of clinical and diagnostic medicine that aims to maximize human performance and longevity via the following precepts:

Endurance Capacity

Endurance represents the ability of an organism to exert itself for prolonged periods and recover from trauma and fatigue. Kami Semick

Adaptation to this stress type will spare glycogen stores, mitigate lactate production, and enhance fat oxidation in the spirit of sport performance and optimal health.

Body Composition

The condition of being physically fit mandates the ability to perform activities absent undue fatigue.

It is the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in a variety of capacities and activities.

Regular exercise, proper nutritive decisions, hygiene, and rest are pivotal to optimal fitness levels.

Metabolic Efficiency

Metabolic efficiency is a concept grounded in blood sugar management. Dietary intake has a profound impact on this concept, sport performance, and optimal health.

MET-denverMetabolic efficiency is the body’s ability to utilize endogenous carbohydrate and fat stores at varying levels of intensity and duration to enhance sport performance and mitigate chronic and degenerative disease risks.

The path to metabolic efficiency includes both macronutrient partitioning and aerobic exercise adaptation in order to facilitate fat oxidation.

It becomes possible for your body to rev fat oxidation at a higher intensity thereby maximizing output. The key is balancing dietary and training protocols.

Disease Prevention

Preventive health care is our responsibility. The state of health is too often taken for granted until it is too late. Endurance athletes are no exception.

Nutrition represents the cornerstone of optimal sport performance and wellness. Our fuel choices ought to nourish our bodies not zap energy. The endurance athlete who ingests acidic whey protein is merely sabotaging his/her effort to maximize recovery, pH balance, and amino acid profile.

Measuring physiological and biochemical performance on a continuum where the law of diminishing returns is ever-present is a delicate balance. Implementing the requisite modifications to optimize both sport performance and longevity is paramount.

performance medicine graph

Performance medicine is the opposite of the current medical model. Functional medicine does a terrific job seeking the causation of the issue – diet, environmental toxins, and so forth.

The clientele of performance medicine physicians have made the commitment to maximize potential and manifest optimal wellness.

When you make the decision to honor your body – it will honor you. It is at this stage one begins to realize the difference between effort and struggle.

May your Sadhana thrive.


Jeff Kildahl

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Jeff Kildahl is a writer, author, wellness consultant and philanthropist advancing preventive health care by synthesizing primary source nutrition and fitness as the principal components of the practice of medicine.

Kildahl is a sponsored vegan ultra-endurance athlete credentialed in bioenergetics, biomechanics, metabolic efficiency™ testing, sport nutrition, and natural medicine. He is a dynamic member of CUBE™ ~ a professional speakers group ~ empowering others to harmonize the "Keys to Living in the Song of Life."

He is the wellness editor at Snowshoe Magazine, United States Snowshoe Association columnist, and contributor to health, fitness and wellness sites, blogs and publications. He is a US-based ultra-endurance athlete and philanthropist for the 100 FOR 100 Movement ~ https://100for100.me.

Kildahl is the creator and president of The Wholistic Edge® ~ a visionary firm providing synergistic solutions to transcend health, performance, and potential in life and sport from the inside out via the principles of Performance Medicine™ ~ http://thewholisticedge.com.