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“It is the opposite side of the same thing.”

The transition to 2017 is an ideal time to make decisions and ditch resolutions and excuses.

It is the time to finally become accountable – no matter the level of your fear-based illusions.

Accountability for every thought, feeling, action, and result in your life is a daunting yet necessary pill to swallow.
If you do not accept responsibility for your circumstances you will misplace the keys to your mansion of wellness.

Wellness is about possibilities not pathology.
Wellness is about accountability.

Lifestyles are determined by habit. One of the most insidious aspects of habit is its ability to dull awareness; and consequently, discipline.

Mindfulness delineates living life via effort versus struggle.

Each of us determines our schedule. We must remain mindful of the consequences of our lifestyle choices. It has become fashionable to whine about alleged time constraints, difficulties, challenges, and concoct countless other excuses. This is bullshit.

The Noble Truth of self-actualization becomes visible only when you understand you possess the keys to unlock your potential no matter your circumstances.

Accountability is a necessary step on the path to optimal health and human performance. It is a process of self-discovery and inner meaning through awareness and discipline.

Make The Decision

It is not enough to talk about lifestyle changes. The key is to take action. Risk is the catalyst to change yet it often scares the hell out of people.

Nobody truly knows at decision time whether it will be an appropriate one yet hindsight will surely rear its omniscient head on judgment day. How do you know what will be encountered whether it is investing, exploring a new mountain trail, snowshoeing on a cornice, or driving to work?

The Latin meaning of decision is to “cut off.”
The implication is you no longer have a Plan B or an out-clause.

A decision means finality.
Excuses are no longer acceptable.

In order to play a bigger game you have to elevate your commitment.

Your results are the by-product of your cognitive and behavioral tendencies.

You create your reality.

When you mindfully commit to a decision you will begin to understand the difference between effort and struggle via the journey of self-actualization.


Risk is difficult to quantity.
It is inherent and must be embraced in the decision process.

Psychology is elusive. Fear and doubt become the tasteless entree when we add emotions to the recipe. We must make decisions in dispassionate mode and apply second-level thinking. There are no shortcuts.

First-level thinkers seek simple, easy-to-defend solutions to serve themselves. Second-level thinkers reject initial conclusions and merge pensive, intuitive thought with risk to serve the greater good. A positive outcome does not mean the decision was an appropriate one.

The desired outcome ought to be based on what could happen versus what has happened.
Risk is the catalyst. Envision. Believe. Create. Manifest. Serve.

Second-Level Thinking

“Fooled by Randomness.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Taleb’s 2001 gem highlighted the hidden role of chance in life and the fallibility of human knowledge.

The beauty of randomness is its lack of pattern or predictability and humans are unaware or discount its existence.

It is human nature to seek explanations when none exist.

The most important thing is to be a contrarian. Exchange conventional wisdom and status quo for intuitive thought.

Risk is the catalyst to growth – of which no end point exists.

Extraordinary performance comes from being different.

This is where loss aversion plays a role. Most people are simply unwilling to be wrong.

You cannot do the same things other people do and expect to outperform anyone.
There is a distinct difference between being authentic and being a clone.

To thrive on the wellness continuum mandates a different mindset.
You must be willing to be uncomfortable.
You must be willing to look like a fool.
You must be willing to be wrong.
You must be willing to persevere.

Sacrifice has nothing to do with giving time or money. It is doing something you have never done to attain something you have never achieved.

It depends how much you value your health, fitness, performance, and wellness.

“The only Truth in Life is Change.”

Focus on accountability.
Make the decision today to live your dreams.

May your Sadhana thrive.



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