The [W]holistic Snowshoer & Naturopathic Medicine

“The ultimate cause of human disease is the consequence of our transgression of the universal laws of life.”

Snowshoe manufacturers have created a plethora of choices when it comes to our sport. Diligent research by the savvy snowshoer will help mitigate potential headaches in the process of ultimately purchasing the model for his/her needs.

You have choices respective to enhancing your snowshoe experience beyond your equipment. You can either accept mainstream medical care by treating symptoms or explore more deeply the profound healing powers within your body. Naturopathic medicine may be an option for you to improve your wellness and your snowshoeing exploits.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care blending centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with cutting-edge medical advances in the study of health and human systems from prenatal to geriatric care. It is an art, a science, a philosophy, and a practice of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness.


The [W]holistic Snowshoer & Chiropractic

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasures.”


It’s one thing to subject your body to contortionist positions through yoga. It’s quite another thing to experience the high-velocity, titillating numbness of being ‘cracked’ by a chiropractor.

C6 - back shot - woman What may be viewed as a controversial form of medicine to one person might be the saving grace for someone else. Chiropractic has its detractors. There are also numerous clinical studies citing its benefits and millions of people from all walks of life who swear by it.

It’s an ever-growing form of health care that has firmly entrenched its standing worldwide.


Spinal manipulation can be traced to 2700 B.C. in China and 1500 B.C. in Greece. Greek physician Hippocrates, in 400 BC, published details how chiropractic eased lower back pain. He claimed that knowledge of the spine was requisite to treat disease.